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Choose the most popular office software in the world

The first Microsoft Office tools debuted at the turn of the eighties and nineties of the last century. Today, the office software of the Redmond giant is currently the most popular commercial set of this type of application for Windows, Mac OS and mobile devices with Android. Do not wait and reach for the original Microsoft Office suite today!

What’s included in the Office suite?

The MS Office suite is a comprehensive toolbox of applications for home use, office and educational institutions. Individual programs can also be purchased separately, but the complete Microsoft package allows you to obtain an attractive price and comprehensive, integrated service of all necessary documents. Regardless of the selected version of the product, the basis of Microsoft’s offer are:

  • Microsoft Word is an easy-to-use text editor,
  • Microsoft Excel is used to implement complex spreadsheets,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint , a program for creating multimedia presentations.

Preparing text documents and spreadsheets are just a fraction of what Office has to offer:

  • Outlook improves work by conveniently organizing messages in the e-mail box,
  • When working with large databases, consider  Access ,
  • Want to organize your digital notes? Reach for OneNote ,
  • From large enterprises to the privacy of your home – OneDrive network drive allows for safe data archiving,
  • Explore the SharePoint web application platform . Any web browser is enough to operate it,
  • Publisher – a program for submitting publications and marketing materials,
  • Do you need to prepare a report? The Sway app can help you
  • Skype for Business allows you to add up to 250 people in online meetings.

Entire package or single application?

Microsoft Office for business programs and services often include the last four applications that are not included in the Office for Home or Student program. If a specific Office package is selected, the price will depend on the type of license and the number of applications and services included in it. The price of Microsoft Office is also influenced by the type and number of licenses in the package. For example, a single Office license in the form of an annual service subscription will be cheaper than a perpetual Office full suite for enterprises.

Microsoft Office also has compatibility with other tools of the Redmond giant. An example is Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based web service that provides a set of tools for team collaboration. The Microsoft Teams application allows you to work online within Word, Excel and Power Point files. Every effort has been made to maintain full support for the formats used by Open Office applications.

Choose your MS Office

Tailored to the needs of the Microsoft Office suite is a perfect solution for home, office, company or students. Modern programs with an intuitive interface that make up the Microsoft package can be used in two ways. For those who prefer the subscription model, i.e. a license with a specific term, Microsoft Office 365 will be the preferred solution. This type of office suite is available in the following versions:

  • Microsoft office 365 Personal  for tablet, PC or MAC computer and phone,
  • Microsoft Office 365 for home users  – 6 workstations,
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Standard  5 PC / MAC devices + 5 tablets + 5 phones.

Office 365 is a great solution when we use network resources all the time. At the same time, this type of distribution model allows for the continuous addition of new functions. An alternative to this solution will be a perpetual version of the product with usually a 5-year support and update period. This type of MS Office package includes the following variants:

  • for home users and students,
  • for home and small business users,
  • Standard,
  • Professional,
  • Professional Plus.

Office price, availability and language version

Among the above-mentioned packages, most of them can be used as Microsoft Office for companies, depending on the specific needs of the enterprise. Considering each Office package, the price also depends on the year of the software release – the electronic Office license is currently available for the 2013, 2016 and 2019 series program and ESD licenses for selected subscriptions in the  Office 365 service . At the same time, we would like to remind you that for Microsoft Office the price does not affect the choice of language, where the Polish variant costs the same as the package in the other language version selected when downloading and installing the program.

The preferred operating system for installation on a personal computer is Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11. For older Windows systems, we recommend updating the OS to a newer version for full compatibility and stability. If you are not sure if you meet all the hardware requirements or which Microsoft Office suites are best suited to your user profile, then we can advise you.

The Office suite from Microsoft is a set of the most-needed programs at an attractive price. Buy, download and install your Office today to have access to all the polished office applications from Microsoft.