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The new version of the system includes a number of improvements designed for both private and commercial use. Check what you will gain after purchasing this software.

Choose the latest Windows operating system
Are you looking for an operating system that will allow you to efficiently use your favorite applications? Check out Windows 11, which debuted on October 5, 2021 and which can be described as the best OS launched by the Redmond giant. It is an updated version of the popular system software by Microsoft.

This product will be perfect for a laptop and desktop computer, both at home and in the office, as well as a hybrid device that combines the features of laptops and tablets. New windows and a redesigned interface are not the only news. In addition to the refreshed appearance, it also offers many new features and improvements over its predecessors, so it is not just a facelift update of the previous version of the popular OS for personal computers.

Refreshed appearance of Windows 11
For a large group of users, the first quality indicator that a new system must meet is its general presentation. The redesigned start menu, refreshed file explorer and easier access to the most important functions and system resources are just the beginning of what Microsoft has prepared for its recipients. It should also be emphasized that the new interface does not turn everything upside down. You don’t have to worry that after upgrading to Eleven, you won’t be able to find yourself in it.

OS number 11 is an easy-to-use tool to help you optimize your desktop workspace. The taskbar appears in the center this time, and its contents are neatly organized and clear. Among other things, the layout of icons on the taskbar and Start menu has been reorganized. The changes also include the design of the icon, as well as what the window management looks like. When dealing with the latest version of Windows, you can also adjust its appearance so that it resembles the classic “Ten”.

Designers from Microsoft made sure that the most important options are always at hand and the user has easy access to them. In addition, it is worth mentioning the possibility of selecting the dark view mode, thanks to which we do not strain our eyes so quickly. The subtle and functional design of Windows 11 certainly attracts attention, but it is not the appearance that is the most important criterion for evaluating the operating system.

The biggest advantages of Windows 11
People who have already dealt with Windows 11 emphasize that not only does it look nice and modern, but most importantly, it is very efficient. Enthusiasts interested in new technologies know well that Microsoft has jointly developed the new operating system with Intel.

Thanks to this, Windows marked with the number 11 fully exploits the potential of the hybrid architecture of processors called big.litle, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about the Ten. Less burdensome processes are taken over by the so-called efficiency cores, while the demanding software takes care of the quick performance cores.

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 2-core 1 GHz processor or faster compatible with 64-bit architecture,
  • at least 4 GB of RAM,
  • at least 64 GB of hard disk space,
  • embedding TPM – Trusted Platform Module 2.0,
  • unlocked SecureBoot in the BIOS,
  • graphics supported DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0.,
  • High Definition (720p) display larger than 9 inches, 8 bits per color channel.

We will run eleven not only on the latest computers based on Intel’s solution. The OS manufacturer provides full support and security updates from Intel Core 8th generation and AMD Ryzen 2000. Changing the system on these platforms does not bring major complications. Before we go through the update process, it is worth checking whether the computer meets all the requirements, which will ensure proper operation of the system. In case of doubt, we encourage you to ask questions to our consultants.

Importantly, the installation requires a permanent Internet connection and logging in to a Microsoft account. This ensures that all files stored in the OneDrive cloud are available on the new system. Moving on, some system applications will surprise you with changes that are often not limited to appearance only. Media Player, Teams, Photos and even Paint have been refreshed. The Calculator, Mail and Calendar and even the Snipping tool have been enriched with new functions. The Microsoft Teams application, useful in remote work, has also been permanently installed in the system.

Not only better performance
Overall software performance is not enough. Updating the Windows Defender virus database is an effective protection for your computer against threats. That is why the Update service works exceptionally well. In addition, the constantly developed Microsoft Edge browser is a fast and safe window to work, online shopping, play, streaming content and much more.

Man does not live by work alone. Novelties hidden in the system also affect the reception of games on the computer. DirectX 12 Ultimate, DirectStorage or Auto HDR will appeal to the imagination of many electronic entertainment enthusiasts. The Halo, Forza, Gears, Age of Empires series – these are just some of the hits that Xbox Game Pass provides access to on the day of release (subscription sold separately). Play the latest games the way you want.

Available Windows 11 versions:

  • Windows 11 Home – for private users,
  • Windows 11 Pro – for enterprises and organizations.

The Professional edition has been enriched with device encryption of BitLocker and Information Protection, which protects against information leaks. In addition, it also has a number of functions specially prepared for enterprises. This is the perfect solution when you intend to assemble your computer as a workstation.

Users of “Tens” can download “Eleven” for free simply by choosing to update their Windows system. However, it is worth checking whether the parameters of your computer will allow for the smooth operation of the new system. Keybay staff will be happy to tell you about the additional benefits of choosing Windows 11 and help guide you through the installation process.