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Microsoft Exchange Server is an enterprise email server and calendaring service which runs exclusively on Microsoft Windows Server operating systems for sending, receiving and storing email messages. Exchange Server makes administrative tasks simpler including contact management, calendaring, email, and its scheduling and collaboration platform where the end-users can collaborate through calendaring as well as document sharing combined with the integration with other Microsoft Office Applications.

Exchange can be used on the go thanks to integrating Outlook mobile which is a secure and compliant way to access Microsoft Exchange on the move. Exchange Server has evolved over time and is now a key component of Office 365’s offerings in the cloud with Microsoft being the service provider. Exchange is always improving its communications to other mail servers and universally supports MAPI, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and EAS email protocols amongst others. Microsoft Exchange runs on Windows Server Core and in turn provides a secure and reliable messaging infrastructure platform. Exchange Server 2019 uses available processor cores, internal system resources, memory management, as well as storage proficiency more effective than its predecessors to help and innovate the end-user user experience and performance.

Exchange server is very secure in maintaining and securing your data than ever before due to its newest ciphers and hashing algorithms used to protect your data. Exchange Server provides an abundance of features for effective email management and calendaring. Not only is it as popular as ever, it combines its usefulness to save your enterprise time and effort in reducing your admin workload and making time management simpler as well as maintaining the unique and simple Microsoft user interface used across the world. We stock Client Access License’s to accommodate your Exchange Server license to accommodate more users or devices so that you have no limits for your commercial environment. We endeavour to fulfill all your challenging software queries relating to Exchange Server.