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SQL Server: For easy database management

SQL Server is a relational database management system from Microsoft. What may sound complicated at first reading, actually only means that it is a powerful tool for development. Whether you want to create apps for mobile devices or write applications for desktop systems, this software solution will make it happen. You equip your developments with intelligence.

Buy SQL Server and benefit from these features

  • Integration of any data sets
  • It is possible to handle very large data packages (Big Data). The data records can be analyzed and transformed
  • Linux, Container, Windows: User can choose language and platform
  • Comprehensive security measures
  • Fast and easy to understand reporting system

Use SQL Server: What you need to know

Applications need data to work. This starts with the basic principles: A command library must be present so that the application can analyze and interpret its code. Depending on the type of app, the data requirements are constantly growing. For example: If you write a smartphone app for a free soccer betting game, you need information from all leagues, which must be constantly updated. Now, at the latest, it becomes clear that it is impossible to enter these data records manually. Instead, SQL databases are integrated. These must be managed. For example, they show when a database should be updated and where it gets the new information from. This process is sensitive in two ways. Firstly, changes to a database affect the basic functioning of the application. For example, if you delete commands, the application can do less. Secondly, security must be taken into account. For example, if you develop with an infected database, the consequences can be devastating. SQL Server is Microsoft's software solution for database integration and management. The first version was released in 1989. The developers used the decades of experience to make the database management system more and more powerful and stable.

These qualities distinguish SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 is a good example of what makes this solution stand out from other database management systems. Its performance is at the forefront. You can work with data of all kinds. Dealing with large data sets, for example via a data lake or data warehouses, is no problem. The software is also able to analyze the data to provide transformative insights. This is not only helpful in general, but especially for development. Your application must repeatedly analyze data and directly process the results. As an example: You develop a writing program. This program must be able to recognize spelling mistakes and to mark them immediately. This is exactly what this function makes possible. With the 2019 version of SQL Server, you can also choose your development language and platform. Linux and containers are supported. Furthermore, the software solution is scalable and thus adapts to changing needs. The Power BI Report tool quickly creates comprehensive and comprehensible reports. This is a great help especially for development documentation. The software is extremely secure thanks to broad security precautions. For years, SQL Server has been the least vulnerable database in the NIST Vulnerability Databases (corresponding directory of the US government).